Posting on Social Media can Harm your Law Suit

Insurance coverage companies look for any changes to conserve money by rejecting claims and injuries. An injury does not prevent you from going to the gym and doing light exercise.

Contact Morse Injury Law before you talk to anyone and especially share your images on social media!

Everybody uses social networks nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are the standard. We are constantly documenting our lives– precisely the fun, relaxed, significant parts of life. We desire the world to see how incredible we are. When you submit an accident claim, there is a good chance an insurance coverage adjuster will start watching your social media posts.

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Insignificant sufficient cases, insurance coverage adjusters will monitor your social networks posts and employ a private detective to follow you and take pictures and videos of you. Private investigators are trained and accredited to collect dirt on you. This is their only job. When you “sign in” at a restaurant or other public place, you accidentally tell the detective where to find you. That makes their job too easy. Private investigators can also find a method to see and document what you post on social networks, even if your settings are personal.

The essential takeaway here is that you must always keep your social media personal while your case is pending, and you must never publish anything in any way that could discredit your claim. If the adjuster handling your case determines that the injuries you have sustained are not due to the accident in question, but to some other activity he saw on your social networks account, then you have not just lost your case, but likewise will not recuperate what is owed to you. Do you believe you can avoid the adjuster and go straight to court and avoid this? Think again! The defense lawyer for the insurance company will usually have the ability to confess your pictures and posts to cross-examine you.

Bear in mind, as long as you are acting consistently with what you are informing medical service providers, lawyers, and the adjuster, publishing on social networks may not be an issue.

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