Cotman IP Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation

Business, Entertainment Law & Intellectual Property Law Firm in Pasadena, California
Cotman IP Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation
35 Hugus Alley
Suite 210 One Colorado
Pasadena, California 91103

Phone (626) 405-1413


Cotman IP Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation Overview

Do it once. Do it right! Our high performance standards result in enforceable IP with real value. We thoroughly vet all work product to deliver exceptional results to our clients the first time. Communication is the keystone of good service. We understand that our work is complex, so we communicate clearly and regularly with our clients to help them understand the services we provide. We are always looking out for the best interests of our clients. We make sure that the work we do matches your business strategy, your long-term goals, and your budget.

We know that the primary source of value in our society is time. Our responsiveness shows that we care about our clients — they can always expect us to respond to calls and e-mails in a timely fashion. We strive to deliver our services at a reasonable and expected price. We are upfront about the anticipated cost of our services before they are performed.Our team is here to see you succeed in all of your intellectual property endeavors.

We’ve negotiated hundreds of license agreements and know what it takes to get patent owners paid for their inventions. Our trial attorneys know IP litigation. We’ve handled 100s of disputes and understand what it takes to succeed.If your trademarks are a valuable part of your business. We know that it takes to protect your marks and minimize risk.Our experienced patent attorneys are efficient and cost effective at protecting your innovative ideas. Running a business is complicated. Let our attorneys guide you through how to keep things in line. Entertainment is art. We have a passion for art in all its various forms and dedicate ourselves to protecting creative expression.

Cotman IP Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation Areas of Law

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